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Raquel Rosen is a multidisciplinary artist with a huge passion for SFX makeup. Raquel was intrigued at an early age by gory SFX and is following her passions to pursue a career in this exciting field, whether that be working behind the scenes in production studios or actively working on set applying prosthetics.

Raquel studied four years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) carving her own pathway around her SFX interests, where she focused and honed her skills in sculpture, ceramics, airbrushing and digital drawing. Raquel’s many studio works include sculptures, silicone castings, ceramics, photography and airbrushed paintings. Most of her works are influenced by: abstracted and intangible concepts of the quantum realm and trying to make sense of these phenomenons; cosmic anomalies that lead to manipulating the body to project larger-than-life ideologies that translate over on a more personal, tangible scale; and utilizing hybridity in her sculptures that question social norms and the toxicity it may bring forth in the years to follow. 


In between semesters at SAIC, Raquel attended Make-Up Designory in New York City which sparked her interests and set the foundations for her current knowledge on all things high fashion makeup to gory SFX.

Raquel currently resides in Los Angeles where she freelances both SFX and beauty makeup for film, fashion and commercial photoshoots, along with working as a silicone technician in special effects shops. 


She also recently launched her new business, Pierrced, which allows for a unique and stylized new way to both store and display jewelry for home interior design as well as in piercing and tattoo parlors.


Raquel has also wrapped up working almost two and a half years as both a lead artist and manager of the Doll and Accessories Finishing Department at Abyss Creations LLC in San Diego of September 2020 and then with the company relocation to Las Vegas in July 2021.

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