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Celestial Body, 2019

Silicone, alcohol activated pigments 

 Similar to the motives behind Celestial Bodies, but focusing more on human skin, Celestial Body is inspired by the warping of space-time directly caused by black holes. Black holes are mysterious and challenging areas of study in cosmology, as everything that comes into close proximity around it will be stretched out and pulled by gravitational forces surrounding the hole. Projecting this phenomenon onto the body, I am thinking about the body itself as the universe, and imperfections such as pimples, cuts, beauty marks and other elements as the materials that take up space in the universe. These blemishes appear on the surface of the body in an arbitrary fashion, much like the positioning of celestial bodies in space. The artwork demonstrates how the blemishes would react and deform as they approach a seemingly empty area devoid of imperfections. With photographs, the content is presented in a way that distorts perception, realism and scale. Ultimately, Celestial Body suggests a way to understand cosmic concepts on a more personal and intimate level.

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