Mezuzahs, 2017

Mezuzah: hand-written scroll inscribed with texts with specific verses of the Torah that is placed inside of a petite, custom-designed case. Mezuzot are placed on the doorposts of rooms in Jewish homes to act as a reminder for our love and commitment to G-d and willingness to create a welcoming, Jewish household. I designed and created 3 mezuzot: one for my mother, one for my brother, and one for my father. Each individual mezuzah reflects a personal component that I feel best represents the passionate qualities of my family members, of what brings them pure love and joy.



Granite slab from our home kitchen, steel 

Mom has a passion for spending countless hours in the kitchen and bringing our family and friends together through food



Dyed wood, tobacco leaves from cigar, gold paper

Dad has an admiration for cigars and the quality conversations he has with his cigar buddies as they enjoy moments of self-content and distractions from busy work days



Wood, deconstructed baseball leather/stitching

Brother has a love for baseball and the memories created through playing the game from childhood through college