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Self-Warp, 2019

3 ½ feet in diameter

Insulation foam, black spray paint, gloss varnish

Self-Warp was inspired by the empirical knowledge of how light from distant galaxies can travel for millions and billions of years before reaching our eyes here on Earth. As the universe expands, it is stretching out these distant light waves, which allows us to view these galaxies as they were in their early stages of creation. I sought to explore the relationship between the past and present as experienced by the observer, and to give these two time representations physical qualities through texture. The past is represented as a deteriorated, weathered and unpolished texture that consumes the present day. The present is represented as a smooth and reflective texture, symbolizing how there are no distortions of present time, that is, according to one’s own reference point.

With a suspended artwork, one may argue how they are positioned at the center of past time with the present radiating outward, but on the flip side, the viewer may disagree and say that they are at the center of present time and are more distanced from the past. Some holes in the surface allow access to the alternative viewpoint, but one cannot experience both sides at one time, limiting one’s own reference point in space.

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